Intro 2 Swim Program

Intro 2 Swim is our new program that focuses on the core foundations of swimming. Our groups are divided into our Mini-Bugaboos and Bugaboos and our primary focus is working on learning the fundamentals of all four strokes - Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastroke and Freestyle. The main goal of our Intro 2 Swim program is to learn in a fun and inclusive environment while introducing swimming as a sport to our young athletes.


Location: Nelson

Ages: 6-10

Sessions: 2x 45 min sessions per week

Our Mini-Bugaboos (or Mini-Bugs for short) swim out of the teach pool and is our most beginner program. In order to be a Mini-Bug, a swimmer will need to be able to put their face underwater and blow bubbles. Mini-Bugs are in the water twice a week for 45 min sessions.


Location: Nelson, Castlegar

Ages: 7-11

Sessions: 2x 45 min sessions per week

Our Bugaboo swimmers swim out of the main pools in Nelson and Castlegar. Swimmers in this group have the same requirements as Mini-Bugs and they must be able swim 1 length (25m) unassisted. Bugaboo swimmers will get an introduction to racing during our time trials that take place throughout the season and are encouraged to attend our home swim meet!