Com​​​​​​​petitive Groups

Our competitive groups are for those who already have a basic understanding of all four strokes. Our competitive groups this season are our Monashees and Rockies groups. Swimmers in these groups will focus on continuing their development towards proficiency in all four strokes. They will be following the latest techniques and training methods in accordance to Swimming Canada's Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD).


Locations: Nelson, Castlegar

Ages: 10-14

Sessions: Up to 6 hours per week (including dryland)

The Monashee group is are our first competitive group. In this group, the main focus is continued development in their stroke proficiency but we also introduce important training methods that'll help develop their swimming. Monashee Swimmers are expected to attend meets throughout the season with special emphasis on our home meet and other meets in the Kootenay Region.


Locations: Nelson, Castlegar

Ages: 12 and up

Sessions: Up to 8 or 10 hours per week (including dryland)

Rockies are our top group and are for those who have decided to pursue swimming further beyond. This group compromises of our most motivated, accomplished swimmers who have qualified for Divisionals and have goals to attend Provincials and beyond. Swimmers in the Rockies group are provided with a strong conditioning and technical background to help achieve their goals. Rockies swimmers are expected to attend most meets throughout the season.